Waste Management

Waste Management is responsible for maintaining waste inventories, developing disposal routes and maintaining Magnox’s decommissioning strategy, including engaging with our regulators. 

Waste Management also provides the vital link between waste inventories at sites, waste disposal routes which are open to Magnox, site ‘end states’, and the projects that link all these key parts together to help deliver sites into a passive state. 

The programme manages all waste streams through the Magnox Waste Management Strategy to ensure a consistent best practice approach is taken, and works closely with the Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR) to ensure that, where possible, waste is diverted away from LLWR to save space in this valuable national asset.

During 2012/13, more than 23,977 tonnes of non-radiological waste and 2,685m3 of radiological waste were dispatched from Magnox sites.