Plant and Structures Programme

The Plant and Structures Programme is responsible for deplanting, demolishing and remediating structures, buildings and land so that the sites are ready to enter a passive state.

This involves the removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos, as well as the construction and preparation of facilities that will remain during the care and maintenance period.

To support these activities Magnox has awarded two major framework contracts. A £304 million deplanting, demolition and bulk asbestos removal contract was awarded to specialist contractor partners, while a framework contract worth up to £300 million over ten years was awarded to Costain Balfour Beatty. This supports construction, infrastructure and maintenance projects at all the sites.

Significant current work includes one of Europe’s largest asbestos strips at Chapelcross Site, demolition of administration buildings at Dungeness A Site and deplanting the pile caps at Bradwell Site.