ILW Management Programme

The Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) Management Programme is responsible for the retrieval and packaging of operational ILW for final disposal, totalling approximately 6,400m3.

The majority of waste is currently stored in underground vaults and now requires further on-site storage until the UK’s geological disposal facility is available for permanent disposal.

At most sites, on-site storage will be achieved through the retrieval of ILW into MiniStores, a type of container that has passed a conceptual stage assessment to consider its suitability for permanent disposal in the national Geological Disposal Facility, when it becomes available.

The MiniStores will be held in Interim Storage Facilities (ISFs) on sites, and to maximise value for money a generic design has been adopted. This allows the ISFs to be designed and constructed to accommodate different numbers of ILW packages depending on need, while retaining key aspects of the proven design.

At Hunterston A and Trawsfynydd sites, encapsulation of the waste remains the intent as they have, or are in the process of building, on-site facilities already.