Care and Maintenance Hub

Entry into a passive state, known as care and maintenance (C&M), is a key milestone in the process of decommissioning the Magnox sites.

The Care and Maintenance Hub will manage all ten Magnox sites from their entry into care and maintenance right through until final site clearance. Its primary aim is to ensure that each site remains safe and secure and that all waste stores are emptied before final site clearance.

A generic C&M specification has been set out for all sites to achieve to enable a single set of simple, fit-for-purpose arrangements to be applied during the C&M phase. 

During C&M each site will be left, passively safe as far as reasonably practicable, with a number of ‘boxes’. The ‘boxes’ will be safestores, formerly the reactor buildings, as well as a waste store plus any additional buildings as required.

The C&M Hub will be led by the Hub Director, supported by a small specialist team. When they enter C&M, the sites will be managed through a combination of continuous monitoring, supported by planned maintenance and inspection activities.