Our work programmes

All of the common decommissioning projects across the Magnox sites have been grouped into Strategic Programmes. Although every site is different, the core challenges are the same, so tackling work consistently helps drive value and innovation.

Nine programmes; Defuelling, Ponds, Plant and Structures, Waste Projects, Waste Operations, Reactors, Asset Management, Care and Maintenance and Site Restoration, have been established to create a one-stop decommissioning service for the sites. Working this way allows us to use innovative techniques and methods as well as providing a sequenced approach to work using the ‘lead and learn’ approach.

The principles of Strategic Programmes are:

  • Single points of accountability
  • Consistent solutions
  • Sites managed in an optimised sequence
  • Lead and learn as programme teams move around sites
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Consolidated supply chain solutions
  • Cost-effective, value for money delivery
  • Utilisation of specialist skill-sets
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