Final Site Clearance (FSC)

FSC is the final stage of decommissioning for the Magnox sites and the last phase of the lifecycle that the sites will go through.

Artist's Impression

Artist's Impression

The final decommissioning work during this phase will include safely dismantling and storing, in accordance with appropriate long-term management requirements, the reactor vessels contained within the remaining reactor safestores. 

Any remaining waste that has been in long-term storage at the site will be dispatched to its final destination. The reactor safestores, along with any other remaining structures at the site, will then be demolished. 

Some facilities for welfare and housing personnel will be installed at the sites for the workforce that will undertake FSC, and at some sites land remediation will be needed and soil will be excavated and shipped to the Low Level Waste Repository. 

Once FSC is complete sites can be declassified as nuclear licensed sites and, after final landscaping, can be released for a new use.