The overall aim of Magnox’s defuelling programme is to ensure that all of its sites are fuel-free. This involves safely removing the fuel from all of the reactors, emptying all of the cooling ponds and stores containing fuel, and transferring it to Sellafield for reprocessing. 

Wylfa is still in the process of defuelling and continues to benefit from the learning gathered from work at the other Magnox sites that have successfully completed the procedure.

Key to delivering the Magnox defuelling programme is:

  • maintaining focus on nuclear safety and operations while delivering excellent environmental standards.
  • maintaining plant to ensure systems remain fully available, safe and compliant.
  • defuelling reactors in accordance with the Magnox Operating Programme schedule and dispatch spent fuel to Sellafield for reprocessing.
  • maintaining plant and systems to support the defuelling process and removing redundant plant once it is safe to do so.