Harwell Site Liquid Effluent Treatment Plant

Magnox Ltd are employed to manage decommissioning and restoration of the Harwell Site with the overall purpose of releasing the land back to the landowner in a condition suitable for the next planned use. This work is being completed in stages with most areas planned to be complete by the late 2020’s. As the land is released it is intended to be re-developed as part of the Harwell Campus.

One parcel of land to be remediated and released is the former Liquid Effluent Treatment Plant (LETP) and an associated former sewage farm area to the north of the Campus. These areas are adjacent to each other, separated by a public right of way and are detached from the main Harwell Site. The areas were used for plant that was used to remove radioactivity from water. Work is already underway to demolish the above ground structures on the LETP. The above ground structures on the sewage farm were removed previously. The project covered by this application is intended to:

  • complete land remediation,
  • remove pollutants to meet regulatory clean-up criteria,
  • remove below ground structures (where this would impede future land use)
  • restore the land to a generally flat and field-like condition.

The land will be cleaned to stringent standards prescribed by the Office of Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency. At the end of the work the nuclear licence and environmental permits for the area will be terminated.

Further Information

LETP Engagement Leaflet

LETP Engagement Presentation