Our engagements

We strive for open and transparent engagement with our stakeholders and are proud of the relationships we have developed with our neighbours and the local communities around our sites.

At the heart of our stakeholder engagement is our mission to safely and securely deliver the Magnox sites which ultimately guides us in our interactions with stakeholders.

Magnox has a long history of community engagement, and through our Site Stakeholder Groups (SSGs), we ensure that representatives of local community organisations and the public are keep informed of all issues of importance, interest and relevance relating to the sites. Information relating to these SSGs can be found on the relevant site page of our website under the ‘community’ tab.

We use the following principles in the development of our stakeholder activities;

  • We are approachable as an organisation
  • We recognise that a wide range of options and ideas contribute to a better outcome
  • We consider the perspective our stakeholders
  • We take accountability for our decisions

We regularly engage with our stakeholders on the progress being achieved at our sites and on our strategies and plans. Information relating to any specific ongoing stakeholder engagements and consultations will be included in this section of the website.