About our Suppliers

We pride ourselves on working with the highest performing suppliers. We depend on our suppliers for the successful delivery of the Magnox programme of work, safely, on schedule and within budget.

Our suppliers form an integral part of the Magnox team which is committed to delivering a diverse and challenging programme of work across 12 sites in the UK.

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The Magnox Procurement Plan details procurement opportunities at the Magnox sites over the next 12 months. The Procurement Plan is published monthly on this website.
Find out about the opportunities available and download a copy of the latest Procurement Plan by following the link

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Magnox is looking for suppliers that can meet the safety and ethical standards we set to deliver a wide range of goods and services at various locations across the UK.

Find out how to get involved at Magnox sites and how to become a part of the team which delivers safe, efficient and fit for purpose solutions.

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Standards and Expectations

Magnox spends circa £350m in the Supply Chain annually and demands exemplary standards from its supply chain to support the safe execution and delivery of our programme of work.

To be part of our supply chain, suppliers must demonstrate a strong safety culture and ensure their workforce adopt the safe ethics and management arrangements that support excellence in Environment, Health (including welfare) and Safety (EH&S). Follow the link to find out more

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