129 Site area (Hectares)
9 Experimental reactors
Two remaining

Current phase: Decommissioning and restoration

Winfrith is located on a 129.4 hectare site of special scientific interest in the heart of the Dorset countryside. Constructed on Hardy’s Heath in the 1950’s Winfrith provided vital research into reactor design. Of the nine unique and experimental reactors only two remain: Dragon, a helium cooled reactor which was widely regarded as one of Europe’s most successful collaborations in applied science and an important multi-national technical collaboration in nuclear energy; and the Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor, the only one of Winfrith’s reactors to supply power to the national grid.

Key near term activities

Excellent progress has been made so far in decommissioning many of Winfrith’s redundant facilities.

The focus continues to be on decommissioning facilities, managing storage and removal of waste, demolishing redundant buildings, remediating contaminated ground and restoring and landscaping the site to achieve the agreed end state of heathland with public access. A key focus will be on the safe decommissioning, segmentation and disposal of the reactor cores within Dragon and the Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor.


  • Significant plant and equipment including, a 50 ton plug and high levels of asbestos, have been removed from the Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor and Dragon
  • A successful invitation to tender has been issued for a £40 – 60 million contract to produce the equipment needed to remove and segment the Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor’s reactor core
  • 142 metres of radioactive pipelines have been decommissioned and removed by encasing the pipe in concrete cutting it into1.1 metre lengths using dry in-situ diamond wire cutting technology


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are a key link in our supply chain and Magnox is committed to supporting the SME agenda for growth.

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Site Stakeholder Groups (SSG) are long-established at each of the Magnox sites and provide an opportunity for stakeholders to find out more about the work being undertaken there.

Independently-chaired, the SSG meets regularly to examine our work, as well as that of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and regulators. The SSG’s membership includes local councillors, non-governmental organisations and other interested stakeholders.

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Community Events

3rd November 2016

Winfrith Site Stakeholder Group meeting - Nov 16


Winfrith Village Hall at 2pm

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6th April 2017

Winfrith Site Stakeholder Group meeting - 6 April 2017


Winfrith Newburgh Village Hall, 5.30pm for 6pm start

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2nd November 2017

Winfrith Site Stakeholder Group meeting - 2 November 2017


Winfrith Newburgh Village Hall, 1.30pm for 2pm start

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19th April 2018

Winfrith Site Stakeholder Group Meeting - 19 April 2018


Winfrith Newburgh Village Hall, Winbrook Fold, Winfrith Newburgh, DT2 8LR, 1.30pm for 2.00pm start

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