39 Site area (Hectares)
403 Current number of full time equivalents
137 Station lifetime output of electricity (TWh)

Current phase: Defuelling

Oldbury is located on a 39 hectare site 15 miles north of Bristol on the south bank of the River Severn in South Gloucestershire. It was shut down in February 2012 after 44 years of safe and successful operation, generating 137.5 TWh. The site’s focus is on hazard removal to ensure entry into a C&M state safely and efficiently.

Key near term activities

The key near term goal for Oldbury is to complete defuelling and ship spent fuel to Sellafield in line with the MOP.

Other important projects include early implementation of an alternative effluent dispersal line and the electrical overlay system to provide the site with electricity once current arrangements cease. Strategic programme activities include the retrieval, processing, storage and dispatch of wastes.


Since shut down post operational clean out has seen the site declared free of carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

More than 60,000 litres of oil have been retrieved and disposed of and 7000kg of boron dust has been removed from the site. More than 500 separate changes were made to the quality management system to allow a move from a generation to a post-generation structure in just over 6 months.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are a key link in our supply chain and Magnox is committed to supporting the SME agenda for growth.

Opportunities for contracts and ways to become a supplier are set out in the main Suppliers pages of this website.


Site Stakeholder Groups (SSG) are long-established at each of the Magnox sites and provide an opportunity for stakeholders to find out more about the work being undertaken there.

Independently-chaired, the SSG meets regularly to examine our work, as well as that of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and regulators. The SSG’s membership includes local councillors, non-governmental organisations and other interested stakeholders.

If you would like to apply for socio-economic funding please visit: www.magnoxsocioeconomic.com

Community Events

29th April 2015

Oldbury Site Stakeholder Group


Oldbury Conference Centre

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29th July 2015

Oldbury Site Stakeholder Group Meeting


Oldbury Conference Centre

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28th October 2015

Site Stakeholder Group Meeting - Berkeley and Oldbury


The Gables Hotel, Bristol Road, Falfield, South Gloucestershire GL12 8DL

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27th January 2016

Oldbury SSG Meeting



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Contact Secretariat:

Eirian Vaughan-Lewis, SSG Secretariat,
Oldbury Power Station, Oldbury Naite, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, BS35 1RQ.

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