92 Site area (Hectares)
60 Station lifetime output of electricity (TWh)

Current phase: C&M Preparations

Chapelcross, Scotland’s first commercial nuclear station, was built on the 92 hectare site of an old airfield in Dumfriesshire. The site ceased generation in 2004 after generating more than 60TWh of electricity over 45 years of successful operation. The site has recently completed defuelling ahead of schedule and is progressing decommissioning for entry into interim C&M.

Key near term activities

Significant hazard reduction activities ongoing at the site include the removal of asbestos lagging, the retrieval, processing and conditioning of ILW, the drain down and stabilisation of the final redundant fuel cooling pond and the remediation of some contaminated land areas.

The site is also implementing infrastructure improvements and completing minor deplant and demolition projects in preparation for interim C&M.


The asbestos removal project at Chapelcross is the largest asbestos strip programme in Europe. More than 2,200 tonnes have already been removed.

Removal of the fuel was completed ahead of target in February 2013. The site has now been verified fuel free.
A new electrical overlay system was installed by the end end of 2012, providing a smaller, and more reliable electrical distribution system for the site and allowing the ageing high voltage equipment to be de-energised.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are a key link in our supply chain and Magnox is committed to supporting the SME agenda for growth.

Opportunities for contracts and ways to become a supplier are set out in the main Suppliers pages of this website.



Site Stakeholder Groups (SSG) are long-established at each of the Magnox sites and provide an opportunity for stakeholders to find out more about the work being undertaken there.

Independently-chaired, the SSG meets regularly to examine our work, as well as that of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and regulators. The SSG’s membership includes local councillors, non-governmental organisations and other interested stakeholders.

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Community Events

9th December 2016

Chapelcross Site Stakeholder Group meeting - Dec 16


Annan Council Chambers, High Street, Annan, 10am

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10th March 2017

Chapelcross Site Stakeholder Group Meeting - 10 March 2017


Annan Council Chambers, Annan Town Hall, Annan. 10am

Meeting Documents:

Associated Documents:

9th June 2017

Chapelcross Site Stakeholder Group Meeting - 9 June 2017


Annan Council Chambers, Annan Town Hall, Annan. 10am

17th September 2017

Chapelcross Site Stakeholder Group Meeting - 15 September 2017


Annan Council Chambers, Annan Town Hall, Annan. 10am

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Contact Secretariat:

Jill Callander, SSG Secretariat Co-ordinator
Magnox Ltd, Chapelcross, Annan, Dumfriesshire, DG12 6RF
Telephone: 01461 208701
Mobile: 07515190595

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