30 Site area (Hectares)
60 Station lifetime output of electricity (TWh)

Current phase: C&M Preparations

Bradwell is close to the Essex coastline. Electricity generation started in 1962 and ceased in 2002. During its lifetime the site generated nearly 60 TWh of electricity. The site is following an accelerated decommissioning programme and is now more than halfway through a programme of work which should see it become the first reactor site in the UK to enter C&M.

Key near term activities

Bradwell is leading the way in accelerated decommissioning.

Key activities include completing construction of the FED dissolution and associated plant, retrieving and dissolving all FED; completing decontamination and demolition work associated with the old fuel storage ponds; retrieving and conditioning various ILW and placing it in the Intermediate Storage Facility; and, deplanting and reactor cladding work in preparation for final C&M


The site has made significant progress towards its journey into care and maintenance.

The deplant of the first circulator hall and boiler houses one, two and three has been achieved and a polyurea sealant has been applied to the ponds walls and floors, paving the way for alternative strategies to be used across the Magnox fleet.

Significant progress has been made on accelerated retrieval of fuel element debris from the site’s vaults and sludge retrieval is also underway.

The site’s interim storage facility has been built and commissioned and deplanting of the water treatment plant has started.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are a key link in our supply chain and Magnox is committed to supporting the SME agenda for growth.

Opportunities for contracts and ways to become a supplier are set out in the main Suppliers pages of this website.


Site Stakeholder Groups (SSG) are long-established at each of the Magnox sites and provide an opportunity for stakeholders to find out more about the work being undertaken there.

Independently-chaired, the SSG meets regularly to examine our work, as well as that of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and regulators. The SSG’s membership includes local councillors, non-governmental organisations and other interested stakeholders.

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Community Events

3rd June 2015

Bradwell Local Community Liaison Council Annual General Meeting


Mundon Victory Hall, Mundon Road, Mundon, Essex. Refreshments from 9.30am, meeting to commence at 10am.

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16th December 2015

Bradwell Site Local Community Liaison Council Meeting


Mundon Victory Hall, Mundon Road, Mundon, Essex CM9 6PD

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14th December 2016

Bradwell Local Community Liaison Council meeting - Dec 16


Mundon Victory Hall, Mundon Road, Mundon, CM9 6PD, 9.30 for 10.00

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