Output Forecasting (19/02/2018)

Maentwrog Current Output (MW) Output at next Planned Change (MW) Forecast Date/Time of Change
Unit 1 0 no planned change
Unit 2 0 no planned change
Station Total 0
Forecasting Comments

21st April 2017
' 19/02/18 Generator 1 & 2 15.00hrs to 21.00hrs 28MW
20/02/18 Generator 1 & 2 15.00hrs to 21.00hrs 28MW
21/02/18 Generator 1 & 2 16.00hrs to 22.00hrs 28MW

'Reactor 1 was shutdown for the final time at 15:00hrs on the 30th of December 2015'

Magnox Ltd Generation (last 14 days)

* extrapolated data

Information on the size and duration of any changes in output of greater than 100MW is published to the best of our knowledge within 1 hour.

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