Our values

Magnox’s values are:

  • Safety – Keep everyone safe

This is our core value. We always put safety and the environment first and strive for continual improvement. They are essential for the business and underpin everything we do. 

  • Trust – Do the right thing

 We build mutual trust because we:

    • Act according to the principles that we believe in.
    • Are open and timely in communications and interactions.
    • Create positive experiences.
    • Measure our success by the success of our customers, regulators, suppliers, stakeholders and colleagues.
    • Do our utmost to be the best at what we do.
    • Establish challenging yet achievable goals, and deliver what we promise.
  • Care and Respect – Look after one another

The business relies upon a workforce working together towards mutual success.

We respect each other, honour opinions and ideas and look after each other’s personal growth, development and success. This applies to both the Company and the individual and includes:

    • Encouraging individual health and welfare.
    • Helping each other to help ourselves.
    • Ensuring everyone has a voice.
    • Promoting and taking advantage of skill development.
    • Balancing joint and individual accountability in a fair way.
    • Creating and realising opportunities both within the business and the industry.