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Magnox celebrates another year of delivery

Magnox has published its decommissioning highlights from the last financial year.

‘Achievements 2017/18’ pulls together the big steps forward in hazard reduction and delivering the mission across the 12 Magnox sites and other business improvements.

With safety at the core of the Magnox mission, the selection of illustrated case studies summaries the key achievements and challenges tackled, including asbestos removal, waste retrievals and packaging and decommissioning.

Tony Moore, Managing Director, said: “We can all be extremely proud of the achievements that the Magnox team has made in safe and secure decommissioning.

“We will continue to build on the good work to drive the decommissioning of the Magnox sites into the future. Next year promises to be just as exciting as we continue our journey to move all our sites to closure.”

You can view a copy of the brochure using this link.

And you can watch a film version below.