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Magnox publishes new socio-economic plan

The latest edition of the Magnox socio-economic plan has been published, highlighting how £725,000 of socio-economic support was delivered across our communities during 2016/17.

The plan also sets out achievements against the socio-economic targets Magnox set itself, and how we will continue to support the communities near Magnox sites to develop plans and deliver initiatives that help to mitigate the impact of decommissioning.

Magnox’s aim is to deliver the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s mission of safely and securely decommissioning the Magnox sites, whilst having due regard for the communities affected and working in partnership with them to support the creation of dynamic, competitive and sustainable economies local to our sites.

The successes of previous projects are also featured in a short film, which highlights how Magnox’s socio-economic funding has made a real difference to communities.

“Key areas of our socio-economic plan include focusing resources and support in areas such as local skills development, workforce transition, engagement with local educational establishments, apprentice schemes and supply chain and small-medium-enterprise development,” said Nigel Monckton, Socio-Economic Manager at Magnox.

“We care about the communities in which we work and have helped a number of organisations and charities to achieve their goals by providing finances and support. It is our joint intention to make sure that our socio‑economic support continues to achieve the greatest possible impact.”

A copy of the plan is available to download:

The plan is an update of the version issued in June 2016. It includes extended site sections featuring socio-economic activities at each site, and summaries of achievements against the targets Magnox set itself in the original plan.

The original plan and the stakeholder feedback that helped shape it are still available on the Magnox website and can be accessed here.

Magnox, the Cavendish Fluor Partnership and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority work together to support a wide range of projects, from large transformational schemes that receive multi-year funding to equipment that supports education and skills development.

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