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Stakeholder feedback results in improvements

Magnox’s stakeholders, and the people who live around Magnox sites, have been asked for their opinion on how they think the company, and its sites, are operating.

In December Magnox launched a survey of stakeholders, and nearly 200 people took the time to reply to say how well they thought Magnox was delivering it decommissioning obligations, and how good the company is at keeping them updated on progress.

Pip Hatt, Head of Communications, said: “The survey has given us some clear feedback on our communications and a steer on Magnox’s reputation. In the main, Magnox as a business is well regarded and our communications are ranked as good, but the survey did highlight some areas for improvement; such as promoting Magnox’s socio-economic scheme more widely.”

Many responses were received from members of the established Site Stakeholder Groups and local councillors from around the country. The majority felt pleased with how the groups were run and with the type of information, the frequency and the manner in which it was shared.

As a result of the feedback an action plan will be drawn up to address some of the issues raised.