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Communities given £600,000 cash boost

Communities and good causes around Magnox sites benefitted from over £600,000 in funding last year from the company’s socio-economic scheme.

The scheme aims to help build sustainable communities around former nuclear power stations, and mitigate the impact decommissioning those sites has on the surrounding communities.

During 2016, Magnox supported over 130 different projects across the UK, including village halls, schools and sports clubs; a tidal energy project; a garden development project; a careers fair; a village shop and the development of a new industrial area to support businesses.

“We are very pleased to be able to support the communities in which we work by funding projects and schemes that help encourage and develop education and skills, social infrastructure and sustainable employment,” said Nigel Monckton, Socio-Economic Manager at Magnox.

“We have helped a number of organisations and charities to achieve their goals by providing finances and support, and it is our joint intention to make sure that our socio‑economic support continues to achieve the greatest possible impact.

“We also recognise the importance of being a good neighbour in the communities we operate in, and would encourage smaller organisations to apply to us for support for things like sports shirts and nursery equipment.”

Magnox, the Cavendish Fluor Partnership and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority work together to support a wide range of projects, from large transformational schemes that receive multi-year funding to equipment that supports education and skills development.

To find out more or to apply for funding please visit