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Award Winning Project at Hunterston ‘A’ Donates £500 to Ayrshire Hospice

An award-winning project at Hunterston A Site has resulted in a £500 donation to a local charity, Ayrshire Hospice.

The Solid Active Waste Bunker Retrieval (SAWBR) Project won an award of £500 to be donated to a charity of their choice in the ‘Project of the Year’ Category at the annual Magnox Conference and Awards Ceremony, which was held in Birmingham earlier this year.

Stuart Blair, project Leader for SAWBR said: “We were delighted and honoured to be recognised by the company for our hard work and as a team we wanted to pass this recognition onto a deserving local charity. Ayrshire Hospice was an obvious choice as nearly everyone at Hunterston knows someone who has needed support from this organisation, which provides vital care and dignity to individuals with a terminal illness.”

As part of the decommissioning of Hunterston A Site, the SAWBR facility was constructed to recover and package solid Higher Activity Waste (HAW) from within the site’s five HAW bunkers by using remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s). Since the first initial bunker breakthrough was made in March 2014, two of the bunkers have been emptied and work is currently ongoing to empty the third bunker. All five bunkers are scheduled to be empty by the end of 2020. Currently, over 400 of the 1200 expected packages of solid HAW have been safely recovered and successfully transferred to the site Interim Storage Facility in line with the current Scottish Government Higher Activity Waste Policy.

Ron Swanson from Ayrshire Hospice said: “We are so grateful to the project team at Hunterston A site for their tremendous support. Our hospice relies on the kindness and generosity of organisations like Magnox in our community and would like to thank all of the Waste Operations Team for choosing to support Ayrshire Hospice.”

Magnox Limited Hunterston ‘A’ SAWBR Project Team hand over cheque for £500 to Ron Swanson, Ayrshire Hospice.